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REPORTED IN THE COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS OF. Judgment Singapore Judgments. For example the authors' ConjunctiveDisjunctive Canon is used to. We have even observed the 'thing' in statutes in the opinions of. The word or is usually disjunctive and and is usually conjunctive but at. We have been discussing the detail of statutory instruments and other. 1 IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIANA NO 27S02-1309.

Legal-expedia Colorado Municipal League. Disjunctive word Indian Kanoon. Signifies a disjunctive list meaning satisfying any one condition. Ruth Sullivan in Statutory Interpretation 2d ed Toronto Irwin Law 2007. Or' had been used in the Act when a disjunctive meaning had been intended. Actions are connected with the conjunctive and not the disjunctive or. 2333 may be conjunctive or disjunctive and therefore open to interpreta-. Forms of Legal Reasoning Stanford Law School. Statutory Interpretation Theories Tools and Trends. Inter The Maharaja Sayajirao University Baroda. Meaning in the Law of Contracts Yale Law School Legal. Statutory Interpretation CRS Reports Congressgov. Lommasson v School Dist No 1 1954 Oregon Supreme. The Least Constructive Provisions Analyzing Frank LLP. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF OHIO State of Ohio Lorain. Headnote for 195E 140701000 General Principles. The Common Law Economic Substance Doctrine and Its. Barr v Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC CourtListenercom.

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Statutory Interpretation SUNDAY SPLITS. Given the presumption that and has a conjunctive meaning and given the. 2 That the ordinary meaning of words does not assist when considering. STATUTORY INTERPRETATION RULE OF LENITY LIMITATION TO AMBIGUOUS STATUTES.

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In interpreting a statute with a series of disjunctive nouns and a series of disjunctive gerunds the courts can and should ignore any combinations.

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RONALD JAMES AITKENS Cour suprme du Canada. Supreme Court of Canada Lexum. Of Appeal took divergent approaches to interpreting and applying the. Understanding Common Law Legislation Drafting and Interpretation. Not used in its disjunctive implication but rather to introduce a. Interchangeable being strictly of a conjunctive and disjunctive nature. Conjunctiveanddisjunctive India Judgments Law.

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  • The Supreme Court of the State of Colorado. Purposive approach Wikipedia. Conjunctive or disjunctive depends primarily on the legislative intent. She cited three other basic principles of statutory interpretation to. Much condemned conjunctive-disjunctive crutch of sloppy thinkers. And to deprive the statutory provision in question of all serious. The purposive approach is a theory of statutory interpretation that. 'and' and 'or' used in Various Statutes Legal Wires.

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  • Where Colorado courts have interpreted or to be conjunctive the word has.

Do not use andor in legal writing Slaw. Interpretation of statute SlideShare. The first is to show methods of statutory or contract interpretation that. And instead of or to convey that it indeed intended a conjunctive meaning. On the dualistic nature of the standard tools of statutory interpretation. Interpret ambiguous tax statutes in favor of the taxpayer but also. B Use a comma before and to separate the last of a conjunctive series of. 2002 Statutory phrases separated by the word 'and' are usually to be. Materials Wisconsin State Public Defender's Office. Interpretations of statutes CS Executive Artha CS. Instructions on Style Washington State Legislature. 11 Wn2d 52 P2d 1000 SKI ACRES v KITTITAS COUNTY. The Colorado Bar For Members Opinions Rules Statutes. LLB Ist Semester SUBJECT Jurisprudence SUBJECT CODE. When Does Or Mean And North Carolina Appellate. Ejusdem generis doesn't apply to disjunctive pairings. Bryan Garner at the Supreme CourtMichael Ramsey The.

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LEGAL DRAFTING THE AMBIGUITY OF AND AND OR. Contemporaneous exposition and conjunctive and disjunctive meaning. Interpretive canon in resolving a question of statutory meaning1 Growing. This rule applies to both conjunctive and and disjunctive or series.

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  • Internal Aid of Interpretation Law Help BD. Statutory Interpretation NYU Law. ConjunctiveDisjunctive Canon And usually joins a conjunctive list. Statute are ambiguous uncertain in meaning or conflicting that a. It is a general principle of statutory interpretation that statements of. And Generally use of the conjunctive and in a list means that all of the. And typically signifies a conjunctive list meaning each condition in. The bastard conjunction andor Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr.

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  • C Use a comma before or to separate the last of a disjunctive series of.

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